Financial Consulting for Professionals Aspiring Early Retirement

This is Venkat. I have been doing financial consulting for professionals and entrepreneurs across India through

I discovered that some professionals invest only in mutual funds and completely ignore the guaranteed income products offered by life insurance companies. My goal is to spread awareness about saving for future with a balance of both these financial instruments.

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Chandra Pension - Mutual Funds and Guaranteed Income

How my consulting works?

1.Life Cover– If you are covered, your first responsibility towards your family is done or let’s start with this.

2.Guaranteed Return Product offered by Life Insurance Companies.

3.Mutual Fund SIP or One Time Investment.

Why Early Retirement Consulting?

People seek my guidance only when they are worried about their job or business. I created ChandraPension so that they plan early for their future. You never have to retire early because your work is your passion but you desperately want to save enough to ensure you can meet the necessary expenses of your family even when your job or business may not guarantee the income forever.

Why Mutual Funds? – Investing in Mutual funds offers opportunity to create a corpus to fulfil your financial goal. It could be your children’s higher education or simply buying a dream car. In ChandraPension, the goal is creating a corpus for your early retirement or basically your retirement life.

Why Guaranteed Income Products? – Life insurance companies offers guaranteed return products which you could consider to plan your pension. You can also ensure that you get a basic life insurance cover during your prime earning stage in life and avail a guaranteed income for 25 to 30 years along with return of premium. The income will also be paid to your wife or children (Nominee), if the policy holder is not alive after the income period begins.

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Read all the scheme related documents carefully.

Financial Planning for those with conservative mindset

I believe, a pension plan should comprise of 2 financial elements. A guaranteed element offered by life insurance companies and a non-guaranteed element offered by mutual funds of your choice. This balance offers you confidence that you have invested in one intrument which will offer you a guaranteed income and the other instrument (Mutual funds) offers you an opportunity to create corpus for any of your financial goal or early retirement.

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